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Throughout our lives we will all need some level of care or assistance, you as a member of a caregiver association or caregiving business owner saw that need. Caregiving is the most important job to our industries. As a result of providing this much needed service of caring for others we need to be vigilant about the health and wellbeing of our caregiver associates and employees. We assume our caregivers are qualified, healthy, and happy themselves however this is often not the case. Our caregivers are precious to us as they endlessly help, empathize, and predict others needs often without caring for themselves or their own health. We need to be supportive in our caregivers healing, health, and healthy weight in order for them to not just continue to do their jobs but to do those jobs with dedication, happiness and fulfillment, knowing that someone is caring for their needs too. We need to let them know how important they are and that their health and wellbeing is a priority for us. Each caregiver we give care to brings a new level of compassion to their own wellbeing that they then can share with their patients and clients, becoming stronger advocates for those patients and clients wellbeing and even better caregivers as a result. We at The have dedicated ourselves to the continual education, growth, healing, and compassion that comes out of working naturally with our brains and bodies. We hope to inspire you and your employees to grow and develop ways to heal, be healthier, and at your healthy weight. The following lessons and information are in alignment with these objectives. This sample of our health paradigm shifting course is for all caregivers, and caregiver corporations and associations who choose to support the most important job on the planet.   

Prayer for the Caregiver:

Dear God 

Please make me that clear, protected and inspired caregiver/nurse that can predict my patient's needs, understand their concerns, and bring peace to their lives. Allow me to be that strong, clear and perceptive assistant in my patient's health and healing journey towards that which is more and more positive and healthful for them. Make me a healthy example of what it is to be fulfilled, happy, and joyfully involved in my patient's care. For these things I pray. 


Example Wellness Initiative Lessons for Caregiver Companies and Corporations

Module 1: The Missing Link
The Limbic Brain

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 8.47.15 AM.png

The one missing link to what I was trying to accomplish with my clients was the limbic brain. I had intuitively known that this had to be a part of and considered in any healing, health or weight loss plan always. However, how I was taught to see the limbic brain was to see it as an uncontrollable elephant. This irresponsible and random part of the brain was also responsible for metabolism but never seemed to cooperate with the conscious thought of the human hoping to attain healing, health, or healthy weight. Therefore it would have to be subjugated in order to accomplish its human's goals according to how science and mankind thought it should work. The only way they could do this though was to continually subjugate its responses to life events by "tricking" "hacking" "jump starting" or otherwise ignoring the limbic brain's original purpose. As God pointed out to me not only was there a very good reason why the limbic brain is the way it is, it was crucial for something else mankind hadn't taken into account, something called evolution. God pointed out that He created the limbic brain to help us survive but to also evolve us passed our current circumstances and conundrums like disease, illnesses, and weight gain in all shapes and forms. This was crucial to humankind's eventual and complete health and evolution. This meant a few things; first that I needed to somehow learn how to work with the limbic brain, not against it as that will always be a losing prospect. Just think of how often you've gone on a diet, taken pills, bought meal plans, or had medical procedures that failed time after time to help you get healthy, lose weight or get off of medications or supplements entirely. This is how the limbic brain signals its human that there is still something wrong. Then we suppress it further with all of our science-based medications, treatments, and brutal exercise regimes we are continually sending it the wrong messages. To the limbic brain these "weight loss methods" are perceived as a continual and aggressive threat to its human's life and existence. Therefore it ramps right back up to continually protect its human with more weight gain, and if necessary more of what we call "soul symptoms" or illnesses, diseases, and weight gain in order to make sure this human is able to learn that life lesson which was missed and needed to be drawn attention to. This one point is crucial for you to understand fully in order for you to attain the success you want to achieve as it will help you to better understand the following lessons as such. That being said we needed to pay full attention to what would irritate the limbic brain, what does our limbic brain perceive as a threat to its human's existence. I think you are going to be shocked at what actually irritates the limbic brain. Here's a diagram of potential irritants.


What do you want to accomplish in this course during the next 8 weeks? Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I want to lose weight? How much be specific?

Do I want to stop feeling anxious, depressed, or angry? And in relation to which situation in my life, relationships, career, health. For example I want to feel less fearful in my relationships, or I want to not be depressed at the thought of going to work or having to work for money.

Do I want to get off of medications? 

Do I want to stop craving foods and binge eating?

Do I want to have a better relationship with my own soul? Do I want to be able to have better intuitive communication about my soul fulfillment in my life? 

Module 2: What 3 Emotions Predict
Disease and Weight Gain? 

When we gain weight we are actually showing what I like to call a soul symptom of something else that needs addressing and requires some sort of resolution. However, because we've never been taught the language of our souls we've become distanced from what it is our souls are actually trying to say to us. What I knew as a result of my 30+ years in the fitness and weight loss industries was that my clients would never lose the weight they wanted to unless their emotions were clear of all negativity. Turns out I was write as I had learned in my metabolic certifications. The biggest indicator of weight gain is a person's prevailing emotional status. Meaning the underlying emotion that you wouldn't necessarily speak of in common conversation but those emotions that present themselves when you are over tired or distressed. We have several layers of emotional reality that regularly act on the limbic brain. See the illustrations below. 

When we are addressing our subconscious beliefs, emotions, and what I call our soul's language and messages we are actually creating better neurochemistry than attempting to take pills, diets, or brutal exercise regimes in order to be healthier or lose weight. This course will improve all neurochemical balance affecting dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, GABA, cortisol, norepinephrine, estrogen, and testosterone. We will be describing how the imbalance of these neurochemicals create food cravings, binge eating, and irrational behaviors in relation to health and weight. 

I'm Fine Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 9_edit

The Body Scan

Try my Body Scan Visualization to help you identify where in your body you might be holding some negative emotions. This will encourage your subconscious mind and soul to begin a dialogue with you about how you are feeling from the inside while giving you specific clues and cues about the specific way you need to lose weight. By following the direction that you discover in this visualization you will not only be able to lose weight but alleviate a lot of the internal tensions and pressures that create things like fatigue, cravings, and feelings of overwhelm. Try it!

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If you are having difficulties internally "seeing" or experiencing anything in the Body Scan visualization try some of these exercises to begin creating and stimulating the neurosynaptic connections in your brain that contain the subconscious and soul messages you could have access to. This will also help you in learning new ways to solve problems and create new ways to communicate your truths.

Module 3: The effect of recognizing and then speaking our truths on the Limbic Brain and Metabolism.

When we are able to recognize those emotions that require our attention and some sort of resolution we are then empowering our souls to speak our truth about how we felt about any variety of experiences from past trauma or abuse to today's overwhelming amount of audio/visual stimulation. This is the key and is crucial to the next steps of healing those emotions that have been continually irritating the limbic brain. When we consider these aspects of our souls, personalities and what has been creating more and more irritation in the limbic brain we are then working with what we have instead of trying to "trick", "hack", "boost" or otherwise subjugate our limbic brain's original function. The limbic brain is the controller of all bodily functions including metabolism however, by working with the limbic brain this way we are also addressing more of our physical, emotional, and mental concerns over time. This is a far safer and more effective way of getting healthier and losing weight safely at a pace and rate that is so subtle and effortless that it is hard to consider doing anything else. This process is completely natural and works on a deeper level of conscious awareness that has lasting effects. 

Once you've had an opportunity to discover the problem event, circumstance, or situation create a dialogue in relation to the 7 qualities God wants us to have and about how you felt and feel about it. Feel free to add, shift, or create a slightly different sentence that will more accurately reflect your feelings. You can get started by filling in the blanks below:

I felt ______________________ about my safety and security when this happened, 

I felt ______________________ about my ability to feel like I belong, and have a level of intimacy in my relationship with you and others.

I felt ______________________ about my confidence, my accomplishments, my self-worth when this happened.

I felt ______________________ about my ability to be loved unconditionally and about my ability to express my love freely.

I felt ______________________ about my ability to communicate how this made me feel, I also felt ____________________ about hearing your side clearly.

I felt ______________________ about my ability to clearly understand your position in it and why it happened the way it did.

I felt I needed to ask God and Jesus for more support, that They must have a reason why things turned out the way they did and that I must use this opportunity in speaking and better understanding my truth in it to connect better with my soul and God's purpose for me in my life.

This dialogue relates directly to each of the "power centers" of the body and may have an immediate and direct more positive impact on the physical body as well as the mind and soul. Keep track of physical sensations as you speak the above dialogue out loud. 

Module 4: What to do when we come up against emotions that seem un-healable or situations that seem un-resolevable.

When we are consciously aware of the negative emotion that is irritating our limbic brain we then have the opportunity to heal, and surrender that which is making us sick or gain weight. It is essential that the following steps are taken whenever we hope to heal, resolve or surrender any of these emotions. 












Have you lost track of your progress? Feel distracted, overwhelmed, procrastinating, have you forgotten your goals, intentions or are you simply denying your own progress within the course requirements? These could all be a part of a nephilim or satanic strategy to keep you from progressing on your spiritual, health, healing, and weight loss path. Let's get back on track and make sure you are meditating every morning and night, that you have been performing a Body Scan once a week and journalling about the results. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RELISTEN TO THE LESSONS as it is a lot of information and we've had feedback that listening to the lessons a few times is helpful when trying to retain the information.


One of the most important concepts to remember is that we are completely honest and truthful about our experiences, and that these experiences are your soul messages and not to be ignored or denied. That being said remember the following as it is of utmost importance to you, your progress in this course, the attainment of your goals, and your relationship with God and Jesus and their plan for you now and in the future. These steps are a must;

1) RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE the problem. ("I want to be healed, I want a different job", etc)

2) EXPRESS to your soul, out loud that you are actively seeking a SOLUTION to your problem, illness, or weight gain and that you are working with God and Jesus for the appropriate solution. ("Dear God, I love you and I know you love me too! I am working toward the solution with your help.")

3) ANTICIPATE that solution or answer is well on its way. ("I have faith in you, I believe in you and I know things are working out for the best possible outcome because you are with me Our Lord God Almighty Creator of heaven and earth.")

4) SURRENDER your problem to God and Jesus (Know it's in Gods hands and TRUST that you've done your best and can do no more.)

5) HAVE FAITH, KNOW, and BE STILL.... knowing that the solution you might be presented with may be different than what the mind that created the problem came up with originally. (Be flexible and open.)

6) TAKE ACTION on this newly found plan for you! ( Know that the good feeling in the action is God talking to you.)

7) ALLOW yourself to experience something outside of your comfort zone if necessary. There may be other problems that you can't see that your soul can help heal in a Healing Soul Reading. 


I believe God would want us to have ability to have each of the 7 soul qualities in every area of His people's lives. When the path is unclear as to how to heal an emotion, situation, person or circumstance this is a fantastic way to get the healing you need in order to progress through that life lesson that you need in order to calm the limbic brain and then to attain your goals.

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