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Praying Girl

Church Services

This church includes all people of all religions and spiritual practices.  This is a practice of God's peace and loving kindness.  What our practice is:

DAILY PRAYER- 6am from God to all people.  zoom call?  advertise this!

SMALL GATHERING- at Nicoles (somewhere else maybe) every Sat morning and celebrate a Mass/service-

HEALING CARE-up front first and prayed over.

CARES AND CONCERNS AND BLESSINGS prayed for at this time.

then to a more formal talk about the bible and what is means to each of us right now- from God.  Each person will feel this speaking to him/her in their own life.

KJV- the bible of choice.  God will praise, give blessings, organize your life to your highest and best good.  Everyone is welcome in the highest to discover their highest and best lives.  

Communion- at the end of some sermons.

My guidance, and loving kindness through the signs of Peace and care- God Bless you all around the room.  

Date and time and place of events and church service times:

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