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Lesson 8
The Healing, Health and Healthy Weight Success Course

What creates fulfillment in your body, mind, spirit and Soul vs what society and your personal history has told you?

For additional healing information join us for PART II of the HEALING, HEALTH AND HEALTHY WEIGHT COURSE. This new exciting addition to the course work came as a result of some participants needs for additional help, support, and guidance in their continued healing, health, and healthy weight journey. How do you know you might need more help and healing? Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Am I completely healed of all that has been irritating the soul of my limbic brain?

2) Am I completely free of all negativity, nephilim or satanic strategies?

3) Am I completely fulfilled in my journey towards my ultimate health?

4) Can I and will I continue my progress on my own?

5) Will I continue my progress without support and can I do without accountability to heal more difficult issues?

6) Can I see and plan a clear path forward for myself?

If you answered "No" to any of these questions I can help you with PART II of the  HEALING, HEALTH, AND HEALTHY WEIGHT Course. Feel free to contact me at (646)739-7879.

These questions should be considered when thinking about God's and Jesus' plan for you and your life. Ultimately ask yourself, "Do God and Jesus want me to continue to work on my healing, health, and healthy weight?"

Interval Training Video #2

Thank you for joining us!

God Bless you each and every day on your continued journey to health.

Love, Nicole

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