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Lesson 3
Soul Solutions for Health,Wellbeing
and Weight Success

Lessons and Meditations, Prayer Cards, Journal

and Inspiration Cards in PDF format for printing at home.



1) Track your prevailing emotions throughout your days.

2) Make a list of the gifts and talents God has given you that sound fulfilling for you now at this stage in your life.

3) Take one step towards experiencing that gift or talent.

4) What can you do for, and with God and Jesus in mind that will give you more love, more peace, and what can you share with the people in your life. Example: hug, listen to a friend or family member, create something beautiful for them. etc.

5) Do look into CPR certifications should that be your real "Why?" 

6) Ask yourself the questions about the seven qualities we all need to survive with health, joy, and purpose? and journal about it. 



Have you lost track of your progress? Feel distracted, overwhelmed, procrastinating, have you forgotten your goals, intentions or are you simply denying your own progress within the course requirements? These could all be a part of a nephilim or satanic strategy to keep you from progressing on your spiritual, health, healing, and weight loss path. Let's get back on track and make sure you are meditating every morning and night, that you have been performing a Body Scan once a week and journalling about the results. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RELISTEN TO THE LESSONS as it is a lot of information and we've had feedback that listening to the lessons a few times is helpful when trying to retain the information.


One of the most important concepts to remember is that we are completely honest and truthful about our experiences, and that these experiences are your soul messages and not to be ignored or denied. That being said remember the following as it is of utmost importance to you, your progress in this course, the attainment of your goals, and your relationship with God and Jesus and their plan for you now and in the future. These steps are a must;

1) RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE the problem. ("I want to be healed, I want a different job", etc)

2) EXPRESS to your soul, out loud that you are actively seeking a SOLUTION to your problem, illness, or weight gain and that you are working with God and Jesus for the appropriate solution. ("Dear God, I love you and I know you love me too! I am working toward the solution with your help.")

3) ANTICIPATE that solution or answer is well on its way. ("I have faith in you, I believe in you and I know things are working out for the best possible outcome because you are with me Our Lord God Almighty Creator of heaven and earth.")

4) SURRENDER your problem to God and Jesus (Know it's in Gods hands and TRUST that you've done your best and can do no more.)

5) HAVE FAITH, KNOW, and BE STILL.... knowing that the solution you might be presented with may be different than what the mind that created the problem came up with originally. (Be flexible and open.)

6) TAKE ACTION on God's and Jesus' newly found plan for you! ( Know that the good feeling in the action is God talking to you.)

7) ALLOW God and Jesus to take over if necessary. There may be other problems that you can't see that They can help heal in a Healing Soul Reading. (Listen to what God tells you and follow through.)

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  Prayer Card

Reminders of Our Father and Jesus' love for you.

Click on the prayers you would like to download and print to keep with you.

Inspiration Card

Inspiration to download as you continue on your soul's journey.  Use as a screensaver,

print and frame or carry with you wherever you go.

Wk 3 reflect.png

Reflection Questionsfor this week

to journal about.

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