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Lesson 4
Soul Solutions for Health,Wellbeing
and Weight Success



1) Review what areas of concern were revealed in your body during the Body Scan?


2) What area of life did that concerning vision held within the body affect in your life circumstances?

3) What emotion was most prevalent in that area?

4) What was your personal intrinsic TRUTH about the situation?

5) Write about your truth in the situation and associate it with one of the seven qualities every human needs to live a happy, and fulfilled life. See example form below and fill out to begin.

6) What happens when you speak your truth? Does your body or mind feel differently?

If you are on the right track you will find a sense of relief, calm, focused attention, serenity, and/or a grounded feeling. If you are not, try different responses in the blanks in the form below to get that sense of relief and/or peace.

7) How well did you do speaking your own soul language?

Watch this Truth Talking Group Coaching Call from 12/21/23 that will enrich this lesson with even more channeled insights from God.

Once you've had an opportunity to discover the problem event, circumstance, or situation create a dialogue in relation to the 7 qualities God wants us to have and about how you felt and feel about it. Feel free to add, shift, or create a slightly different sentence that will more accurately reflect your feelings. You can get started by filling in the blanks below:

I felt ______________________ about my safety and security when this happened, 

I felt ______________________ about my ability to feel like I belong, and have a level of intimacy in my relationship with you and others.

I felt ______________________ about my confidence, my accomplishments, my self-worth when this happened.

I felt ______________________ about my ability to be loved unconditionally and about my ability to express my love freely.

I felt ______________________ about my ability to communicate how this made me feel, I also felt ____________________ about hearing your side clearly.

I felt ______________________ about my ability to clearly understand your position in it and why it happened the way it did.

I felt I needed to ask God and Jesus for more support, that They must have a reason why things turned out the way they did and that I must use this opportunity in speaking and better understanding my truth in it to connect better with my soul and God's purpose for me in my life.

This dialogue relates directly to each of the "power centers" of the body and may have an immediate and direct more positive impact on the physical body as well as the mind and soul. Keep track of physical sensations as you speak the above dialogue out loud. 

The Mind Body Map

Here's my mind body map. This will help you delve more deeply into the Body Scan

information you received about your emotional/mental experiences and history. Use this to further your understanding of what areas of life you might need to give a bit more time and attention to in the future as this is the indicator that there was something about that particular life lesson that you didn't understand or may have skipped over.  

MindBody Map.png
  Prayer Card
Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 10.58.09 AM.png

Reminders of Our Father and Jesus' love for you.

Click on the prayers you would like to download and print to keep with you.

Inspiration Card

Inspiration to download as you continue on your soul's journey.  Use as a screensaver,

print and frame or carry with you wherever you go.

Be Supported by watching Nicole's Daily Bible Study

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