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As someone who has been attacked for over 13 years I was always looking for a real way to protect myself that didn't depend on yet more evil. When you purchase the

TOME OF PROTECTION you will begin to protect yourself immediately upon opening the first page as you speak the suggested words and written prayers out loud. THEN You will be astonished at the following points

  • Find out how you are giving your implied consent to witches and warlocks to manipulate your soul and energy

  • Learn specific prayers to protect yourself and your soul in today's circumstances

  • Find out what you have that might be an open portal for evil to enter your home, mind, body, soul, or spirit.

  • Learn how to send back all the evils and ill-willed intentions from other people, witches, warlocks and disembodied nephilim and satans.

  • Learn what nephilim are and their history of evil

  • Learn why practicing witchcraft is never a good idea EVER! And how satans everywhere are hoping you will and why.


 Here are a few excerpts from a Tome of Protection


"Fast forward to now when I am still being attacked and repelled from my goals as much as I had been in my schools years. Only now it was far worse to wake up to people who could transcend their physical location and send their soul’s energy out to start poking me in my side, under my back, clenching my core, or in private areas hoping to relay a message of ill will toward my soul since 2013 when I refused the advances of a maniacal radio disc jockey. He not only tried to put spells on me being a witch or warlock, he also leapt into my soul in a variety of ways that made me feel truly uncomfortable. He told me he could "get into anyone's head" he was talented at “mind speaking” saying things in my mind I had no intentions or awareness of ever saying or thinking of which was ironically encouraging to me as I knew I had the same ability, so I thought we were psychically linked, destined to be together. In fact, over time the mind talk turned from complimentary, uplifting to evil as he sought to get my passwords to my cell phone, Google account, and social media to manipulate me and make me look terrible in my profession.  Then it became blatantly obvious he was psychically abusing me daily, sending me to different places to waste my time and impress his friends, sending people, to start arguments with me, attempt to hire me as a call girl or spit on me in public. It was a strange existence and one that has left me with every reason to try to annihilate his attempts at attacking me any further, and possibly sparing others in the future. I have kept journals of all these strange and evil experiences and am working on a book now to raise awareness of how subtle, and seductive evil can be when you are very sensitive, intuitive, vulnerable, alone, or depressed. He was the ultimate asshole only in the realm of the occult which made it far worse because there was no physical evidence.


I had never experienced this type of psychic treatment before and highly advise you all to avoid opening energy portals in your mind, body, soul, or spirit as a result of now knowing what it feels like to be psychically attacked. Avoid all “psychic” or occult phenomenon as we are all vulnerable in this era. We all feel lonely, tired, depressed, or otherwise unlike ourselves on occasion so we should all be on high alert whenever we make an attempt to deny evil and something unkind happens. 


I thought I had a grasp on the unseen worlds of spirits until I spoke with God.

The difference between unkind people and mind talkers, witchcraft, cult hatred, mass mesmerism, and hypnotic trance states. It is obvious to me now how ignorant the average person is with respect to psychic attacks. These attacks can take the form of emotional distress, mental imbalances, or quite literally physical anomalies that leave both people and doctors completely perplexed about how these things could’ve happened. However, God, Jesus and I are categorizing all of these types of psychic attacks from both embodied human nephilim (humans with brains and bodies but no souls), witches, warlocks, satans as well as those who are disembodied. Not only are there personal attacks but financial, career, and societal attacks as well.


In my pursuit of what I loved doing I had made one mistake. I assumed that I would always be protected as a professional healer, psychic medium, and channel. I did say prayers before every healing and most psychic readings however, I wasn’t aware that I would be exposed to so much negativity as a result of it after each session ended. I never said a prayer to close my energy as an open clear vessel. This is what I’ve realized, is that regardless of my intentions of being a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and, clear channel, saying those prayers over every soul I worked on, that I was the perfect candidate for some satan or nephilim strategist to enter into and begin to change my thoughts, actions, even how I portrayed myself to others. I hadn’t realized that I had begun to emit a negativity that was preemptively dissuading people from acknowledging what I had successfully accomplished for them for decades, how I had supported them, or even how I had come up with some truly unique ways for them to heal. All of it was forgotten, all of it subjugated in favor of what the nephilim and satans had been telling people through the auspice of my social media and online communications. It made no sense, every time I worked with clients and would- be clients they were all genuinely impressed, thanked me profusely for what I had done for them even recommending me on Facebook and Instagram but if there were a span of time spent away from me or my services I somehow became the terrible person and was accused of negative things I had never done. I was baffled.


In retrospect I now realize that’s why our most empathetic, psychically inclined, compassionate, healers, and artists of all kinds are the most susceptible to this kind of attack. Why? Because they are the easiest souls to access, the ones who God gave special gifts of discernment, righteous use of will, as well as talents that could glorify God and Jesus if given a chance. Not only that but attacking these sorts of people would continue to denigrate God’s Will in favor of mankind’s predisposed concepts of success. As such we have experienced a total decimation and denigration of our nurses, our artists, our caregivers, as well as those interested in entering the clergy. You can imagine how attacked they must feel simply

by stating “I’d like to dedicate my life to God.”

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