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When I was in my twenties I had a yearning to have children. I sincerely didn’t care what sex they would end up being, what I mostly cared about was that they would be healthy and well advised about their souls. When I say this I had these thoughts long before being a medium or channel for God’s and Jesus’ thoughts and words. I also never thought I’d be sharing ideas like those that I am about to share as I thought it would be obvious to all parents I know that these things are as important for us to focus on as parents as feeding and emotionally nurturing are. We all get caught up in what appears to be a mess of lies about nurturing our children until I saw what I saw this morning.

I have always attempted to say Grace at the beginning of every meal. It sort of went by the wayside when I was challenged to feed two toddlers, and nurse a baby at the same time by myself. Let’s just say it was always at the back of my mind until more recently when God’s Will had taken precedence in my life that I started saying Grace again before every meal as my father who I know is in heaven would love me to do. This had been my habit now for over two years since I began channeling our Father in heaven, yes God’s words. I hadn’t seen the implications until I saw that my own sons were also likely to stop and listen to me or offer a sentence here or there in praise and realized how important it is to include God and His Will in all that we do. These are just gentle reminders that not only should we all be grateful for what we have but to also understand that we have a responsibility to our families to allow them to experience that state of grace throughout the day.

This thought was brought into crisp focus this morning as I am traveling with my son, Quinn to Rhode Island for his orientation at Bryant University. I am staying at the Marriott Residence Hotel and as I was getting my breakfast in the common area downstairs I heard a man saying to his two small children “OK now how do we begin?” And his small daughter in a very quiet voice started saying “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit I pray that we are safe and that I am grateful for my school, my friends, and this meal. Thank you God.” I was stunned at first because everywhere you go people are served foods and they just mindlessly dig in.

Saying Grace before any meal had been a ritual that my father always performed. We knew we were to wait until he said Grace and then we began eating. Every so often we’d forget and he’s say something like “Oh nuts! I forgot!” My father was a devout Catholic like my mother but my father sought to include God in everything he did. He wore scapulars to work of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Virgin Mary. When he returned home I’d watch him loosen his tie and take out the scapulars, kissing each one and saying “Thank you for protecting me and my family today.” Then he would hang them up on his bedpost to protect him through the night and then he’d prepare for dinner. This was a ritual that was never skipped… ever.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised that years after my father’s death I discovered several medals of Saint Wolfgang, Jesus, and a Holy Cross were draped over the bedpost on my son Randall’s bed. At age thirteen he had been confirmed and his father and I had given him those medals as reminders of God’s, and Jesus’ love and protection, and Randall’s chosen saint, Saint Wolfgang, for his confirmation. It struck me then that perhaps my father’s intentions of embedding our beliefs and love through our Lord God Almighty’s presence had been absorbed somehow through me and passed to him. Randall’s middle name is Gilbert my father’s namesake. They were close when my father was alive but the legacy of his love of God was unmistakable in this significant act alone.

I asked him “What are these medals doing here?” He said “I don’t know, I just thought I’d feel safer at night with them there.” I have plenty of examples like that one but I thought I’d share this one in particular as it might have some significance in your life right now. Please share this thought with your friends and family, that perhaps our forefathers are looking out for us and our souls daily with their own rituals.

Be Blessed and if you are striving to hold tight to your family’s love and bring some semblance of God’s Will back to you and your children’s routine, think of these things in the future. How can you bring back your love of God and faith to your daily lives?



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