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Lesson 2
Soul Solutions for Health,Wellbeing
and Weight Success

Lessons and Meditations, Prayer Cards, Journal

and Inspiration Cards in PDF format for printing at home.

thebodyscanNicole Fevrier Davis
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1) Begin to interpret your Body Scan visualization.

2) Connect those images with the emotion you chose on the Emotion Oracle

3) Choose an appropriate Transform Meditation from the list below to work with for one week.

4) Reflect and Journal about your experiences and any changes in weight, behaviors, habits, or cravings.

Click the play button on the

EMOTION ORACLE to discover what is the root emotion of your health issue or weight gain. Keep a clear intention in your mind about that question alone and then press the "Pause" button when it feels right to stop the video exactly where you need to. That stopping point will be the emotion you needed to identify which you can now work on transforming through the Transform visualization provided below, in order to begin your weight loss journey. 

IMPORTANT: Work on just one emotion at a time. Begin with the most strongly felt emotion and then by the end of the week see if you need to move onto the next layer of emotions.

Choose A Weight Loss Meditation and Prayer Card

This is a progressive course that will help you begin to heal those emotions that are stopping you from your perfect health, and weight. Begin the meditation that corresponds the most with what you experienced in your body scan. If your Body Scan was unclear and you required the Emotion Oracle to help you identify the emotion you need to heal most, then choose the corresponding visualization for that emotion.

Listen 2-3 times daily, every day for a week for best results.

Transforming Anger
Transform Anger 1st 21_24Nicole Fevrier Davis
00:00 / 21:24
Transforming Depression
Transform Depression 2nd Edit 1Nicole Fevrier Davis
00:00 / 26:00
Transforming Fear
01 01 - Transform Fear 2nd EditNicole Fevrier Davis
00:00 / 25:28
Making Peace with Weight Loss
Peace With Weight LossNicole Fevrier Davis
00:00 / 26:03
Screenshot 2023-06-26 at 10.53.19 AM.png
  Prayer Card

Reminders of Our Father and Jesus' love for you.

Click on the prayers you would like to download and print to keep with you.

Inspiration Card

Inspiration to download as you continue on your soul's journey.  Use as a screensaver,

print and frame or carry with you wherever you go.

Reflection worksheet Week 2.png

Reflection Questionsfor this week

to journal about.

Be Supported by watching Nicole's Daily Bible Study

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