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A Bit About how I receive information from the most high


Today I am a regular and committed medium for the auspices of wisdom from the most high, the holiest of holies. The pretext for in which I had come to understand who and what I was to be, came before I ever realized what I had done to attract our father our lord god almighty and our lord and savior jesus christ to my meditations. I was chosen to improve the lives and wellbeing of each and every person I came in contact with. That being said I am a dweller among men and women but I can continuously hear the words of our father in heaven and his son on the earth.

Long ago when i was a child i had been hearing and seeing things no one else was hearing or seeing. I had my "imaginary friends" I had my drawing, and was always supremely sensitive to others emotions, pain, or thoughts. I always thought everyone had the same ability that i had but by the time i had turned sixteen i knew that something about what I knew and how i knew it was very different than everyone else's life experience. I distanced myself at that time, i became a loner. I focused my attention and time on healing and my artwork. Later in 1990 I became a reiki practitioner and master. i worked towards my clients health wellbeing, and weight loss goals, giving them messages from archangel Raphael then later archangel Metatron, I cultivated a series of prayers I said before every healing or reading that focused on being and maintaining clarity throughout my entire being as a healer and medium for our lord god almighty and our lord and savior Jesus christ's wisdom and healing, and continued that practice for over thirty years.

it was thirty two years later in December 2021 that i began to receive exactly what I had always prayed for; messages from our father in heaven and our lord. and savior Jesus christ. this turned into a seven month transformative process that i recognize is my calling now. i changed everything for them, my diet, my exercise, my business, my healings, my hair,  my home, my thoughts about how to live life the way god had always intended as well as my soul. no one recognized me as I used to be. I lost twenty pounds, reorganized my life, and changed my business all at the guidance of our father in heaven and our lord and savior jesus christ.  the transformation was perceived as miraculous as old habits dwindled away and a fresh new perspective became evident.

I am now fully available to all as a trusted medium and faithful transmitter of GOD'S AND JESUS' wisdom and goals for all mankind's future. please feel free to contact me at any time for a free consultation.

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