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Commonly Asked Questions


Thank you so much for being inquisitive enough to search for the truth of you. Let me begin by saying that much of the verbiage that you will find channeled through specific transmissions from our Lord God Almighty and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will sound very different from what you are used to. It will also seem to be repetitive at points where the Holiest of Holy will want to emphasize a point and bring your mind, body, and soul into alignment with His or Their meaning and vibration. Our Lord God Almighty and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ use a type of wording that replicates something called "cadences" for the purpose of re-creating a sense of healing peace and love that is required in Heaven in order to bring about a certain effect in human souls on earth. In other words, the person you are now prior to reading these channeled transmissions will be different after you read them, for your greatest and highest good.



Why is Nicole chosen for these messages?



Quote: We appertain to agree upon certain truths that we have acquiesced are truth in function.  We also appertain to address certain truths with regard to our whole health and wellbeing.  That being said, we have negated much of the negativity of popular notions of health and wellbeing as being something of a conundrum for most people on the earth today.  Simply put, we have chosen Nicole Fevrier Davis to improve your human soul's worth on earth for the purpose of rejuvenation, health and well-being, weight-loss and healing to such the extent as Nicole will help you navigate your cells souls in the future. In essence, we have experienced Nicole's prowess in terms of negating evil in all aspects of her ability to channel said cadences or information towards such an end as total health and wellbeing is not sacrificed at the hands of our doing.

Let us begin again with respect to our soul's wills in reference to our ability to re-create a sense of soul well within our soul's will. Common knowledge of the human existence will give us a sense of soul well within our soul's will. That being said I have negated all souls whose wills are appertaining to cadence towards unkindness in essence, we've been negated again and again and again, enough times to stop the negativity towards our health and wellbeing to such the extent as we have cadenced towards our own wills without the cadence of God's Will be done.

Why do I need to do it this way?


Quote: We excel in our own use of verbiage inasmuch as we have cadenced towards our own good. We do not re-create a sense of lovingkindness about health or wellbeing when we replicate the cause of illness and ill-willed contention on the part of our ego's will. People may time after time after time try to negate illness, disease, distraught feelings and emotions but fall short when comes to natural whole lived health and wellbeing. 

Let us begin again to ascertain who and what and why we need to be different in this time, this day and age and era as opposed to your current beliefs system which ascertains that the human mind, body, soul, and spirit connection is wrong somehow negating my creations inasmuch as saying that God's Will has not been done for those who are already sick, ill-willed, or negated somehow. My Soul is so well within Nicole's soul that we are in alignment within each other's wills as well as in our own wills. This means we have negated a lot of past trauma and ill will according to today's form of western medicine. Allow us to take charge of your soul's worth and return you to perfect health in a way that I have always wanted and expected you to do so. In other words, let God's Will be done.

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