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The website grew out of our small group of friends who studied God’s and Jesus’ Will for Their humans on the earth. I and one of the group participants felt that people everywhere on the planet earth would benefit from the lessons we were experiencing within our tiny group. These experiences were reflections on what and how God had intended for His people to live while still alive on the earth. What we realized was that people would need the truth at all times in our time and era when broadcast and communications everywhere were proliferate in mis-information, lies, and heresies. These erroneous pieces of information were coming from “influencers”, pseudo “authorities”, western medicine, and scientists whose only goal was to produce money and profits from their auspices, never thinking of the human souls and the genius minds, bodies, and souls that God has given us. We were inspired by God to create this website 8 years prior to knowing it’s exact purpose. However, God does work in mysterious ways and once we had a clear and succinct message from my ability to channel His Word and Jesus’ Word about what they wanted to convey to Their humans while they still were alive on the earth, we launched this website for the following purposes.


  1. To provide the truth of God’s people and the reality of what Jesus’ had originally intended for us to experience, know, love, and thrive from as a result of following the concepts within our courses, e-books, and services. 

  2. To give God’s people a definitive path back to God’s Will for each human being who strives to know more of God’s Will on the earth at a time that is contentious and confusing. 

  3. To establish an exact practice that will help each human being on the planet earth to follow God’s plan for them while still living on the earth.

  4. To provide numerous ways God’s people can experience His Love and Grace while still alive on the planet earth.

  5. To bring lasting peace and grace to all, that each course participant, e-book purchaser, and client experience more and more of God’s Lovingkindness as He would have us do so.


This prospect for God’s Lovingkindnesses to come to the earth was a result of numerous revelations that we in our own experiences knew others would need to continually grow and evolve into their true and unique selves. When we realized that none of what we were learning or experiencing was reaching the majority of people we knew we created this website in God’s and Jesus’ name. If you are reading this mission statement right now know that your soul has a message from God for you. You just hadn’t been able to access it until now. As God would put it “So we begin again.”  Our Father in heaven was expressing His Love for us as we brought about our auspices of this company. I quite literally listen to His every word every moment of every day, I do nothing without His guidance and wisdom. If I feel something has been said that is not of our Father in heaven I stop what I am doing and ask Him directly what was meant as so much of what we are creating is sacred and needs to be protected and clear the clarity for in which only God Himself  can create. Therefore everything within this website has been checked and re-checked for the accuracy of God’s Will being done on the earth through the products, services, and courses that He wanted us to provide. 


That being said my business partners and I have spent many, many hours, effort and our own investment of money into this website’s products and services. This is as our Father in heaven had requested. Again, we do nothing without His guidance in every way. Even as I write this mission statement He is dictating to me what He wants written. I sincerely hope this one point is being made that not one part or piece of this website’s content was without His hand in it. Therefore please enjoy the following:


The auspice of God’s Lovingkindnesses are coming through the following offerings:


  1. Public services and masses.

  2. Courses and coursework

  3. Retreats

  4. One on one services

  5.  Provision of art and eventually music supplies to schools that have no budget for these departments and don’t have the auspices to discover and explore God’s talents and gifts in His children.


We hope to create the auspices of God’s and Jesus’ loving kindnesses through these efforts and anticipate that our larger business plan will grow worldwide eventually.

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