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The TOME OF PROTECTION gives the reader the resources to discover why they have been feeling sad, lonely, depressed, fearful, or unrealistically angry.  This e-book will shine a bright light on all that we as humans today take for granted as "normal' to our human experience yet are definitely not.  In the TOME OF PROTECTION we discover not just how disembodied evil nephilim and satans from long ago but how current day witches and warlocks are accessing our souls to wreak havoc on our souls and our lives but how to stop it and send it back to them. This e-book also illuminates the original sources of evil that began the entire denigration of human spirit since before humankind's time began. Read on to find the source of your attackers, how to stop giving your implied consent, send back their ill-will and stop them entirely in their tracks! The moment you begin reading this tome you will automatically begin to protect yourself with the very first page. God's and Jesus' protection get stronger and stronger with every page read. Let us begin again with what we now know God and Jesus had given all of us to percieve and protect ourselves with all of Their love and kindnesses embedded in the additional prayers intended to protect those issues of today's day and era. 


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