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This is the Truth of You

Nicole Fevrier Davis is a mind, body, and soul expert and a certified personal trainer who blends the physical and spiritual worlds. Nicole is a talented healer, spiritual and medical intuitive, in addition to being a certified personal trainer. She has spent 30 years developing unique qualities and skills that discover the truth of who you and your soul are while bringing better mental, spiritual, and physical health to her clients and students. Nicole's approach blends the science of the body with the language of the soul to unlock powerful mind body wisdom for the clarity and peace that produce optimal results. 

Nicole uses her unique approach to identify root causes of weight gain, muscular imbalance, metabolic dysfunction among other mind, body, soul issues. Once these issues have been identified Nicole uses her signature treatments like Truth Talking with the Body, Super Soul Sessions, and Personalized Conscious Body Training to help her clients attain their goals and empower their souls. Nicole feels this approach is crucial to living a holistically happy and fulfilling lifestyle, not just a way to lose weight or get fit, this is the truth of you.

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