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Are You Inflammed?

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of people with a variety of problems since I was certified as a fitness instructor in 1987 and then a Reiki practitioner in 1990, then Master in 2007, not to mention my other certifications in personal training, behavior, etc. Back then the problem of “inflammation” wasn’t considered to be a problem, it was more or less something that simply irritated the body and caused the body to react. The reaction was considered normal until it was associated with other diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

As a Healer of Jesus Healing Methods, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Behavior Specialist, Metabolic Technician, mind, body, soul and spirit expert, and mother; I found inflammations origins had more to do with a person’s mind, beliefs and soul than an actual intrusion or irritation in the body. We accept our own beliefs and emotions as a necessary part of being human, experiencing life but what we find difficult to understand is that those very beliefs and emotions are usually the reason for the inflammation. Part of the problem is that we have accepted our emotional status and beliefs for so long it becomes difficult to separate them from who we are. We like ourselves, we feel we are auspicious for having survived what we have and we feel justified in keeping our beliefs and emotions for the sake of learning how not to repeat the negative in our lives. The only problem is each and every time we choose to remember how the negative feelings began, meaning replaying of past life experiences for the sake of stopping a future behavior actually acts in the reverse. We repeat these things in our minds, thinking we are helping ourselves by doing so however, instead we are actually signaling more things our limbic brains need to be fearful, sad, or angry about. This makes it more and more likely for the brain to react in a way that will increase inflammation over time. The older you become the more embedded the emotions are that cause the inflammation and so the harder and harder it is to stop those emotions the more inflammed you become.

This may sound strange to people who have delved into the science of inflammation, however, any time a person is labeled with an anomaly type of situation like being inflamed without a reason, I find that they have simply overlooked the most obvious part of being human. We all expect our souls to be well no matter what our bodies or minds are doing, however, that is never the case. The more I channeled information from our Father in heaven and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I found we had the inflammation origination all wrong. The body is never working erroneously, it’s responses are always justified and when we think of how deliberately our bodies have been created to react to all stimuli good, bad or indifferent then it becomes easier to discern what our bodies are attempting to say.

Since the beginning of time there is an embedded language to the body and since the body has no voice, no verbal outlet that we recognize, nor have we been taught how to hear that voice, then symptoms like inflammation and its meaning is lost.

There was a time when we were very in touch with our bodies, listening and understanding it’s signs. Native Americans taught to listen to their infants need to urinate brought them closer and allowed mothers to teach their babies to urinate over water. That type of listening was inherent to their culture and was a part of their lives as it was important to their survival. I would imagine that our first ancestors living on this earth had a similar approach to survival. In essence, their survival was dependent on how well they could decipher not only what their own bodies needed but the need of those they loved as well.

As our culture grew and developed and science became a popular way of creating more and more medical interventions, our ways of communication with our bodies seemed insufficient to our healing. The reality is western medicine is insufficient in understanding the soul of our bodies. When we think about how our bodies are reacting to the “irritants” we are thinking two things one, that perhaps our bodies are over reacting or responding erroneously to the irritant and two perhaps we need a medication to subdue it in order to maintain status quo. That being said we can either take the medications that have a plethora of other side effects, meaning that medication is causing other irritations that cause the body to respond in yet more undesirable ways. This is true no matter what illness you may have. Yet what we know for certain is that our bodies have always faithfully responded to our need to survive. That implies that we are learning something about the inflammation that will help us not only survive but learn and evolve through something that we hadn’t learned or understood before.

In many cases, I find that those who have unresolved relationship issues, feelings of fear and anxiety about their homes, living situations, cars or other threat to their personal security even if it was a long time ago, that will continue to irritate the soul of the lymph system sending the wrong signals to entire lymphatic system.

So we need to ask your soul “What is irritating you most about your life and is it something from your youth or a current day situation?” What comes to mind first? Write me and let me know and if there is anything I can do to help I will.



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