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Updated: Jan 24


Imagine losing weight with a method that is so subtle and soothing that a seven to fifty pound weight loss, without even realizing it is normal! Imagine craving healthy foods, craving a more fit lifestyle, not staring at the scale every day, not dreading the gym, not worried that you might over eat or your cravings for pasta might take over. Imagine not feeling bad about anything, just happy, joyful and preoccupied with how much you love your life, and loving what you see in the mirror every day.

Would it surprise you to know your journey towards weight loss has never been in alignment with who you are? This is the truth. I can safely say this because if you have ever been on an unsuccessful diet or rigorous exercise regime to lose weight but find this book attractive as an alternative then I know you were misled in your results in the past. For thirty years I have focused my career on your weight gain and weight loss problem. My journey towards your ultimate healthy weight and fulfillment came as a shocking revelation in truth and is in complete opposition to what is popular cultural and societal beliefs of what weight loss actually is. As a psychic medium, channel, and healer in addition to a certified personal trainer I was in a unique position to pray and ask God and Jesus for information about this worldwide dilemma of overweight syndrome and obesity. The answers I received were in mind blowing opposition to what I myself had been the advocate for, for decades.

This was my entire career focus, I dedicated myself to knowing the “cutting edge” of science and study of all kinds of weight loss research, I even studied with some of the top metabolic doctors. The only problem was my industry was ignoring the one thing we should have all been addressing first, our limbic brains. Through numerous channeled transmissions, God and Jesus illuminated why we have limbic brains (and it isn’t just for survival). They explained in essence, why our current cultural and societal beliefs and all methods to try to “boost”, “trick”, “hack”, “burn”, or otherwise “confuse” our metabolism has simply done just one thing, terrify the limbic brain.


Fear is just one of the predictive emotions in weight gain, the other two are depression and anger. The latter two are directives of fear as they are both the bi-product of a lack of resolution of the fear. Fear served several purposes as our Father in heaven states. “Our soul’s resonated with fear before any other emotion in order to survive.” When the limbic brain senses fear, depression or anger it signals the brains neurochemistry to drop endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid), and raises Cortisol, norepinephrine, adrenaline, and other stress hormones. This is traumatic to the limbic brain as something to avoid doing completely in the future. So the limbic brain tries to learn how to avoid that erratic threatening combination of neuro-chemicals by responding in the best way it knows how, by gaining weight.

If children are taught to be judgmental or reticent they will create more and more negativity, more fear, anger, and depression. If this is true the weight gain emotions have more influence over time creating food cravings which impact weight. This is especially true if we are not mindful in attaining the following feelings of safety and security, intimacy in relationships or a sense of belonging, confidence or wisdom, unconditional and abiding love, to be heard acknowledged and to listen, to communicate, feel inspired, or connected with our God. If we don’t have these things we will be more likely to crave salts, sugars, carbohydrates, and fats.


We are are often led down the wrong path whenever it comes to our health or weight loss. What is often represented to us as a viable, important link to our weight health is only diatribe built upon the marketing agenda of some company who has a product to sell. That being said we are all being misled even myself who, I was completely dedicated to the science of health, fitness, and weight loss but now realize how the "science" of all of these subjects has only undermined our soul's and body's ability to naturally align us with what is our perfect homeostatic balance. Every single pharmaceutical, supplemental, powder, or other preparation will have the exact wrong effect in the brain because the brain was never allowed to work at creating that effect by itself, why? Because you don't know how to. Even though you might think that doing something is better than nothing, what you have to remember is that you were never educated about what the best things to do actually are. Think about these things the next time you are considering buying any weight loss preparation.

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