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Updated: Jan 24

I spoke with my “imaginary friends” all day long sometimes for hours at a time. This was because I was the last child in a family of four children and I was born five years after my youngest sibling. I didn’t have any friends who lived on my street so I was left alone a lot. During that time I always had friends who I spoke with though and although I don’t remember many of our conversations I do remember they were always very kind and giving me fun things to do around my backyard. They told me how to capture butterflies, take my mother’s daisy pots for a walk in my stroller out in the sunshine, and how to water everything in our garden. They were prolifically involved in my life for a long time before I was about nine or ten years old. Then it became obvious that it wasn’t a good idea to be speaking to “imaginary” people even if they were my friends and had great ideas.

That being said what I didn’t know or realize at the time was that no one I knew did that, hear others speaking to them that weren’t sentient beings or speak to imaginary friends. I became very aware of what was expected of me and traditionally chatting with your imaginary friends at school was a big “no no”. Fast forward to now, I’ve been a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient for over five decades and hadn’t realized it until I was in my twenties when I started reading books about others experiences in those areas. The biggest problem I had was that everyone was speaking about growing and developing their “psychic” or “clairaudient” abilities I simply thought everyone had that ability as a child and really hadn’t thought of it beyond that. Until I read those books.

Now however, I am well known as a clairvoyant and clairaudient. I haven’t even begun to discuss the clairsentient part of my experiences however, I consistently had one thing. I had and have God with me always. I never dreamed in a million years that I might one day be clear enough to channel or speak with God directly yet here I am. I honestly thought that I was perhaps an insufficient channel for the Most High but I’m not apparently. I do admit that I prayed the same prayer before giving Reiki to my clients that I be made a “clear, protected channel for all of your healing energy, wisdom, grace, and peace and Reiki if necessary. Whatever this person needs to heal allow that to come through me for their greatest and highest good. Amen” This was a consistent prayer for my healing clients and later for my weight loss clients as well. Little did I know or realize that I had been preparing my mind, body, soul, and spirit for what is now a longer far more longer lasting conversation with who I now know and understand were my angels first, then came Jesus, and finally our Father in heaven, God. As I understand it that prayer was the preparation for more and more clarity for higher and higher and then the Most High holy beings over time. There was a progression over the years of learned levels of communication that I was then able to recognize that this was exactly the way God wanted to prepare me for His conversations. When it actually happened it was an extraordinary event that I will never forget. What I realized was that I had had a covenant with our Father in heaven since the beginning. I vaguely remember different points in my life where an angel would ask me “Nicole are you ready to do God’s work?” And I’d inevitably say something like “Oh but I just started my career. I’d like to give that my time and attention right now.” Later in life I would say “My sweet angels, I just started my family they are so little right now. I don’t want to leave them.” More recently Jesus did come to me on my driveway during a time of questioning for me and said “Nicole you could just go on living your life the way you had. Or you could listen to me and do as I ask of you. Please go to the church in town and ask for Jennifer, she will be there, let her know I have message for her.” From that moment on I have always listened to Jesus and God for everything I need to do for myself as well as bringing messages to others.

I should clarify that this last event occurred after a fascinating experience I had had in my house a few days earlier. I woke early on December fifth two thousand twenty one, to have my coffee and write in my journal at my breakfast table when I noticed a leaf had dropped to the floor from a plant I had put on a stand in my foyer a few days before. The plant was completely healthy so finding a leaf drop was unusual. I had been listening to archangel Raphael and writing his ideas about healing messages for weight loss in a meditation but when I noticed the leaf dropping to the floor I stopped writing. I heard another voice in that moment, it wasn’t archangel Raphael’s voice this time. The voice said “Hello Nicole, I am Azreal, I have a message for you, you have forty days to choose.” I had no idea who he was or what he meant. I carried on my morning routine thinking about how lucky I was to be able to receive messages from the angels at all. The new voice intrigued me as I prepared to see my friends in our meeting. I had a regular Saturday morning meeting, this was a group of four women, moms, who wanted to know and to experience more of God’s Will in our lives. We studied books like A Search for God with Edgar Cayce three times, A Course In Miracles, and other books whose wisdom seemed to match God’s Will on earth. We called it our Spirit group and it lasted for eighteen years before I started having these experiences.

I walked upstairs to get dressed and heard it again, this time it was Azreal again and he was saying “You have forty days to decide whether or not you choose to live on earth.” As shocking as this sounded I wasn’t scared at all, in fact, I was comforted that the angels cared so much for me to let me know I even had a choice. After dressing I returned to my station in my kitchen to conduct our Spirit group meeting excited to tell my friends about this more recent message.

After we started our Spirit group meeting I told them about the strange leaf spontaneously dropping to the floor and Azreal’s message for me. My friends knew that I channeled information from angels and was giving psychic assessments for my personal training clients, giving channeled information and psychic readings to healing clients as well as those looking for general channeled sessions and psychic readings. I also gave messages from passed relatives in those readings so they knew that, and that part of it wasn’t new to my friends at all. When they heard about this more recent message it blew their minds because they were used to me receiving messages about their minds and bodies through the angels and hearing about archangel Raphael’s involvement in my healings but this was different. This one message was for me specifically and involved a newer angel that I hadn’t heard of before, moreover, I couldn’t understand why he was giving me a message with a deadline. I was really curious about the message and my friends in the Spirit Group meeting were too, so I looked up material referencing archangel Azreal online while we were meeting and I quoted the words out loud from Wikipedia “Azrael holds a rather benevolent role as God's angel of death” you can imagine how this sounded to my friends. The article went on “..he acts as a psychopomp, responsible for transporting the souls of the deceased after their death.” Then later in the description “40 days before the death of a person approaches, God drops a leaf from a tree below the heavenly throne, on which Azrael reads the name of the person he must take with him.” Please note that although I knew for some reason that this was merely a warning it made my friends freak out entirely, one asking “Are you OK? I mean is there anything wrong? Do you feel like you could be sick or something?” My friends thought I was on my death bed, some texting me a few days later asking “Are you OK? Did anything happen?” I had obviously worried my friends yet I felt fine. I was sort of excited for some reason but couldn’t describe why. I found out later that God intends Azreal towards people who He needs to keep on the earth under a different auspice, meaning a sort of rebirth. I had imagined that it was a special notification of some kind because for all intents and purposes I was healthy and interested in living for another fifty or sixty years, happily watching my grandchildren get married or something. After we ended the meeting with a prayer and the meeting closed my mind raced, “What was I to experience in the future?” I had no idea, all I knew was that I was then captivated by a message from Jesus himself, which truly blew my mind. He said “Nicole no one should know about Azreal, please never mention his name out loud again.” I immediately felt awful because although I love God and Jesus implicitly I never did study the Bible. I didn’t know who Azreal was and was simply curious, sharing that curiosity with my friends in our group specifically relating to our spiritual connection to God seemed to be a natural topic to address. Regardless I felt an urgent need to correct my mistake. I wasn’t sure how I was going to retract that thought from my friends minds now that it had been said out loud.

Then Jesus said “Azreal means you no harm, nothing is going to happen that isn’t forth righteous, we merely meant for you to choose whether or not you will walk this earth with God’s Will being done through you or you can continue living your life on earth the way you always have.” This was just the beginning of what I now know and understand is God’s plan for me from the beginning. What has your plan been?



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