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Our Father in heaven had been speaking to me in channeled dissertations for almost a year when He asked me to get ordained as a minister. He wanted a faithful and loving channel of His, meaning believing in Him wholeheartedly to speak His Words out loud with a precision and truth that hadn’t existed before now. Then almost a year after that our Father in heaven asked me to speak His words out loud in a version of a Bible Study on social media. God had felt that most people who were regularly visiting social media outlets had either been psychically attacked or left vulnerable to other evil influences and that particular form of online communication needed to be purged of all the negativity.

For myself I had experienced this form of attack for about a decade and although shocked that I as a long time personal trainer, healer, and psychic medium was going to now lead an online Bible Study was actually only too happy to jump in. I had numerous problems trying to just give my social media following good information, valuable information that I knew they needed to accomplish their goals for weight loss, healing, or otherwise. Instead of feeling helpful and supportive I felt targeted for attack, I had strange women DMing me with strange sexual videos and asking me to follow them. I had men derogatorily speaking about me online as a sexual object, finding my phone number and texting me that they needed sex immediately and that I should come running. This also accompanied a barrage of seriously wrong physical sensations I found out witches and warlocks can make people feel by casting a spells and hexes on people to make them feel a certain way. If I were to reject any of them or their solicitations I’d be attacked by them with their physically poking, prodding, needle pricking me in my back, spine, or abdomen and then further attempts to make me feel things sexually in the middle of the night. I had one man and his new girlfriend attempt to punch me in the face psychically. It was a horrific time for a mother of three children and a very busy husband who I simply couldn’t tell anyone of them or my friends what was happening on a daily and nightly basis. I would’ve been thought to need psychological help which apparently was also a part of the witches and warlocks agenda. I couldn’t prove what no one else could see, hear or feel as I had. I was the one who was psychic, a clear channel, medium, and healer and apparently extraordinarily vulnerable as a result.

God showed me how to use some of the protective measures I was trying to implement during this strange time, but He had an even more aggressively protective measure that I hadn’t planned on or recognized… and it’s called the Bible. The Bible Study was the opening for something that I hadn’t realized I could use. Yes I did pray for God’s and Jesus’ help in getting these weird witch and warlock people off of me but I found the historic facts of how Jesus protected Himself with God’s love even more powerful and compelling to me and my overall mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Now I use these methods that God had taught Jesus to rebuke and refuse the evils that were all around him while Jesus walked the earth. This was something that the current day Bible studies rarely talk about but is deeply embedded in the more honest and forth righteous dissertations that our Father in heaven gives me during these Bible Study vlogs. I am continuously astonished by some of the information that God has given me in relation to how people needed to evolve through something and how God was always asking Jesus to show His people the way. These are the types of Bible Study thoughts we all need to be able to overcome anything in our lives. I may have experienced the some of the worst mind, body, and emotional attacks but you might be experiencing something right now that you don’t know how to protect yourself from. It could be a simple state of continual depression, an unexplained anxiety, strange repetitive abusive thoughts, or a tendency to overreact angrily to some trigger. These are all signs that you are being psychically, emotionally, or mentally attacked. Just remember if you feel overwhelmed or lonely, or lonesome, that is exactly what these mind manipulators want you to feel but there is a way out.

I personally have felt a huge relief knowing that God and Jesus are quite literally embedded in my protection, fighting each and every second of every day because I believe in Them and I believe in the power of the love that They can give us all. I am relieved that my mind, body, soul, and spirit have the benefit of this guidance from the Most High, and that they are on my side and always have been, I just needed to ask for them to help me and for me to say “YES!" Them.

I will be brining you more and more of this good news about how you can be healthier, happier, feel safe and protected in the future. Come join me and others who want to see a change on social media! Bring your friends, like, and share these posts as they could quite literally saves lives, and God’s souls on the planet earth. Let’s begin again with this new movement of living God’s Will to be happier on the earth while we are still alive to do it. I can’t wait to see you there!

Until then ….May God and Jesus Bless You!

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