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The Reality of Weight Loss Stress

When I was sixteen I was totally astonished and embarrassed when a haircut shop owner stopped me when I was walking in front of his store and said “You should be careful that you don’t gain any more weight.” I didn’t know whether I should be complicit and say “Oh hey thanks for that heads up, I’ll keep an eye on it.” Or “Who do you think you are?” Either way I was painfully aware of my weight as a teenager who poured over Vogue, InStyle, and Elle fashion magazines. I knew that I didn’t look anything like those models.

What I didn’t know at that moment was that all my experiences in weight loss in the coming years would not only succeed in losing weight for myself and certain family members but also create some devastating effects at the same time.

My mother was a fantastic cook, a chef really, as my father’s French background was her jumping off point into the pool of French culinary delights complete with vats of butter, bread, lush entrees and light fluffy pastries. My mother was a mother to all, insisting on encouraging neighborhood kids to come for dinner or just stop by if they were ever just hungry. This is why what happened to my mother as I grew up was so devastating.

My mother started losing weight exponentially fast over the course of several weeks she had become a shadow of her former self. We actually celebrated it because she had struggled with her weight for so long. She started wearing pretty clothing, new skirts and dresses that showed off her now thinner yet shapely figure. I can’t remember how many months it was before we heard the news. My mother had cancer of the lower mandible. Her body had been under attack for those months she had lost something like fifty pounds and what seemed like overnight her body shrank to its now diminutive size. That was shocking to think that we had thought of these moments as momentous occasions worth celebrating. Instead we were all devastated, terrified at what could potentially portend the end of my mother’s life. That was one instance that weight loss had posed a huge problem in my mind.

Years before that I had tried fasting over several days to lose weight, vowing to strictly adhere to my new regimen until I had successfully lost the fifteen to twenty pounds I wanted to lose. I had zero knowledge of nutrition or metabolism back then, all I knew was that it was a popular way to lose weight and do it quickly. Easy, fast weight loss were the two things that were always the most important qualities of any weight loss program to me and so many of my friends. The only problem was that I was hypoglycemic and never knew it so I ended up nearly passing out at the checkout line of a grocery store as I was trying to bag groceries for my mother during a shopping trip. I remember the smell of coffee, and something sliding off to my left, I saw the lights of the store start to spin and almost fell over. My mother grabbed me and said “Let get you something to eat”, of course I was only too happy to comply. That was just one of my experiences of trying to lose weight. Needless to say I’m not a big fan of fasting, intermittent or otherwise to lose weight.

The last example I have for you about weight loss is about my oldest sister. We all, both my sisters and I had been shall we say chubby from around 7 years old on. We grew up feasting on baguettes, doughnuts, crepes, buttery escargot, Coque au Vin and butter on everything. My oldest sister had even been caught a few times eating a stick of butter on the sly under the dining room table. We had all been teased about our weight. This was not ideal for four sisters who loved fashion magazines and spending long afternoons perfecting our makeup and designing our clothes (my mother taught us how to sew from the moment we could hold a pen). I could almost feel the angst seething around my oldest sister who desperately wanted a boyfriend and to be acceptable to the “in” crowd. Unfortunately no diet really worked for any one of us but least of all my oldest sister. Then in her senior year of high school she shockingly lost maybe thirty or forty pounds, and again very quickly. Once again we were all astonished that she lost all that, what we would call “baby fat”, and yet happy for her at the same time. She was thrilled that she resembled Twiggy (yes that’s how old I am) more and more. Honestly we were all worried but she felt justified, deserving of her knew lithe form saying that she put herself on a strict diet and was working out with friends. The reality was that my sister never worked out, she threw herself into theatrical productions, acting was her forte so she was supremely good at covering up yet another devastating fact. She didn’t lose weight from her tireless efforts as an actress nor did we really see her eat very much of anything diet or otherwise. Years later we discovered that my sister had lost all that weight from drugs and alcohol.

The reason why I’m relaying these stories to you is that I know what it is to want to lose weight so badly that you would wish for anything to make that happen even getting surgery to do so. Well in my family we felt the same and we pursued it like it was a quest of a lifetime but it wasn’t what I would call a healthy way to lose weight, none of them were. Now I’d rather stop and check in with my soul, my mind, emotions and body to see what it was trying to tell me. Unfortunately we never got that opportunity, until I did spend time both from a scientific as well as spiritual perspective to find a solution. I’m forty years older than the age I was when I was experiencing all of this. Now after over thirty years of praying, studying, researching, and hoping to finally find the answer to a happier and healthier way to lose weight. I’ve done it myself, I lost twenty pounds and so have others and even more, who have found weight loss to be effortless through my Soul Solutions for Weight Loss Success. It’s my new campaign for people to realize the reality of our souls in our bodies and metabolisms. It’s quite literally my calling to do so, as God has asked me to empower people to better understand the messages weight gain has been trying to tell us for decades. For more information you can follow my Facebook Lives @NicolesTruU at 5pm EST and take my Free Natural Weight Loss Webinar. Click the link below and send me your email if you would like to join us.

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