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Updated: Jan 24

I am 57 years old and I’ve never had any diseases, but this blog is not about my age.

In my 57 years of living on the earth I have never had a childhood disease, never had meningitis, mononucleosis, or any of the other types of childhood or even young adult illnesses, not even a yeast infection. For me, my health was rather unremarkable even after that time, in my thirties, forties and now. I rarely needed a doctor for anything and when I did finally go to a doctor for unexplained dizziness I had after giving birth the physician I saw said “Mrs. Davis I know you must be truly sick because I never see you in here. What’s the problem?” The older I get I realize how special my situation is. Every time I scroll through Facebook or Instagram I see posts of past friends, clients, or acquaintances stating their latest diagnosis of all manner of health problems; cancer, heart disease, gallbladder issues, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, colon issues, anxiety attacks, depression and more. Moreover, in many cases I had difficulty recognizing them at all. I have to say I have never experienced any of this. Yet the longer I live I realize how very blessed I’ve been and I am forever grateful to God for my health.

Throughout my life I had dedicated my efforts personally and professionally to the health, wellbeing, and weight loss of all people. The more certifications I accumulated, the more I learned the more and better equipped I felt I must be and yet I knew there was something that all my education wasn’t addressing. I started to realize that science and medicine didn’t sufficiently acknowledge a few very important details that every human on the earth needed to. What I saw and knew to be true in order to heal, be healthy, and ultimately happier was almost in exact opposition to what science and medicine had been regurgitating over and over again through television, film, social media, computer ads, cell phones. Everywhere I looked I saw lies and more lies, not only that but the government made all the medical and pharmaceutical companies begin to tell the truth of what side-effects would occur if you were to buy into their lies. Now we see ads that cloak the heresy side effects with photos and videos of fantastic colors, beautiful people, enjoying a variety of life activities. These are all designed and produced to make you drool over that type of life and that it could all be yours if you just buy this medication, get this procedure, surgery or have this injection. However, this is all a cover-up of what the reality is whenever we subjugate a, what I now call, “soul symptom”. After hundreds of conversations with past friends, neighbors, healing and personal training clients and course participants about their health and perceptions of these scientific and medical heresies I found a distinctly different problem exists that no one is paying attention to, which is our beliefs. 

I know I will be highly criticized for what I’m about to say but this is the truth.



  1. The main premise that all of these statements function under is that we are inherently   and essentially flawed as physical human beings. There must be something wrong with us.

  2. There will never be a moment in your life that you won’t need a medical intervention of some kind.

  3. The need for medical interventions will grow as you age.

  4. Early disease detection can only happen with medical testing.

  5. “It takes a village” to keep you healthy, or to heal anything.

  6. And you won’t survive past age 50 without them.

  7. If you choose to use an alternative method to heal you will also be dependent on those interventions for the rest of your life. 

  8. There will always be a need for vitamins and supplements

  9. That it is impossible to ingest all the foods you need in order to get the sufficient amount of nutrients your body requires to be healthy. I was taught thought that in a nutrition course.

  10. That it is essential to subjugate all of your symptoms and that’s better, more desirable  than real true healing as God and Jesus would have us.

  11. That we need doctors to tell us what’s wrong with us.

  12. That science is the only way to address any health or healing issue.

  13. You should never anticipate or expect true healing has anything to do with God or Jesus. 

These are the thoughts I know for a fact that the western medical community want and need you to focus on, think about, obsess over, and see yourself doing over and over again. They know that is how the mind works, it has to get used to the idea in order for you to make a $10.00 to a $30,000.00 purchase, or book a surgery. The more happy looking people there are depicted having done the same, the safer you feel doing so to. These medical companies have dedicated teams of not just advertising and public relations executives, but psychologists, color theorists, big brain think tanks for naming pharmaceuticals, and procedures. All to make sure that you know their product well, integrated it into your psyche, your conscious awareness and can see yourself doing exactly what they want you to. It is a type of mesmerism that God doesn't want you to pay attention to. I know this because one of my new business partners is a retired pharmacist and she has said “Pharmaceutical companies don’t want to waste time on one-off medications anymore. They are 100% focused on lifetime sales and use of their most expensive medications to ensure their profit margins over time. They are honing in on the baby-boomers specifically as they have the biggest growth potential to be lifetime users of their medications.” You can imagine the incentives doctors and hospitals are getting to ensure they provide the right surgeries and procedures that will produce a perpetual, lifetime need for pharmaceuticals.

That being said, here are a list of the truths I’ve experienced during the last three decades I have not just been a psychic reader, medical/spiritual medium, professional channel and healer but a dedicated health, fitness, and weight loss professional as well.

  1. God created us perfectly. No baby was ever born with a disease.

  2. I and others I know my age and older are healthy living examples of what it is to live without medications, medical interventions, or therapies (many of these are nurses by the way).

  3. God created us perfectly I know I have no need for medications nor will I ever because I actually do understand the messages God has impressed within my soul. Now I’m teaching this method to others and they are all getting off of their medications too. Each one is living a medication-free life.

  4. I’ve created a far more accurate way to identify physical problems before they happen without any invasive procedures.

  5. Quite literally all it takes to heal or be healthy is God and Jesus and our understanding of what God had planned for us in our lifetime.

  6. I’m living proof at age 57 that I’ve survived without medications

  7. I gave up giving Reiki and although I was a practitioner I never got a Reiki session, sought any other holistic therapies, I never needed to.

  8. I haven’t had a vitamin or supplement in over two years and I feel great.

  9. I really don’t think about food very often at all. I do keep my diet simple and easy so that I don’t have to waste too much time making it or eating it. I eat mostly eggs, fish, Ezekiel breads, olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables as needed. Honestly I’d rather spend my time working on things like this blog. 

  10. What I’ve experienced and been able to teach my course participants is how to use their soul symptoms to help them heal on that soul level, then as a result of that experience all physical symptoms cease and true cellular healing and regeneration can take place.

  11. Only God, Jesus and you can tell you what is truly wrong within your mind, body or soul.

  12. I recognized science to be limited in its scope of reality. Simply quantifying, and explaining how things work doesn’t make science the authority on the soul which is unquantifiable and essential to all healing of all kinds.

  13. I always expect that God and Jesus will be a part of everything I do, especially healing, health, wellbeing, and weight balance.

It is clear to me that we can no longer ignore the rising rates of diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, Parkinson’s, Colitis, COVID, arthritis, and many more. It is also clear that the subjugation of these symptoms has never produced long-term or permanent healthy results. It simply continues to denigrate God’s plan for our healthy, happy, and fulfilled lives. How much longer are you willing to live the way you've always lived creating the same results? Heading down the same path of perpetual drug or supplement use isn't the answer.

I do believe that you are reading this because you yourself recognize there is something wrong with how our culture and society are handling illnesses and diseases of all kinds. That perhaps there is a better answer and that I might have that answer for you. This is the answer to your prayers. This is it. Essentially God and Jesus have asked me to give this information to you so you can go forward with His plan in mind not that of the western medical industry, pharmaceutical industries, or holistic “care” companies. That perhaps your soul is now ready to take the next step, ready to be heard as you have been asking for an answer to your current day circumstances and conundrums as our Father in heaven has stated many times in my Bible study. He know you, He knows you are ready and waiting for a sign. Well this is it. 

If you find any of what I’ve just wrote “hitting home” for you please reach out to me, let’s start a conversation, let’s do what our Father in heaven wants us to do, take action and “being again” with this new paradigm shifting era of God’s Will, Jesus Will and loving kindness so we can all heal and finally be whole. You can always email me through this site but feel free to text me to at (646)739-7879. I look at my phone more than emails and I will say I do a fair amount of communication via text. Just let me know you saw this  blog and would like to talk about it.

Until then May God Bless You! Nicole

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