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Updated: Jun 3

When we think about God’s Will being done on the earth we rarely consider how it might fit into our lives in ways that make us happier, healthier, at our healthy weight and fulfilled all at the same time. Our culture and society today is predisposed to assume that our health and happiness must be associated with science, western medicine, and all the things that mankind insist we must need, have, or do in order to attaint those goals. Our human needs have never been fulfilled by any of those things and to think so is misleading. 

The first thing we need to consider when thinking of our goals being met is to think like God would. Ask yourself these questions and think about your answers.

  1. Would God want me to be on medications perpetually?

  2. Would God want me to cut into my flesh, have invasive procedures, or ingest anything unnatural to produce healing?

  3. Would God ask me to go to a doctor for “early disease” prevention?

  4. Would God assume that I would need medical interventions simply because I am aging?

  5. Would God hope that another human would be better at helping me heal, get healthy, or lose or gain weight?

  6. Would God love what I’ve done to my body thus far?

  7. Is His Will what I am really considering every time I don’t feel well? Or am I simply looking to stop the emotional, mental, or physical symptoms I have.

Have we considered working with what God has already given us to heal, get healthy, and arrive at our healthy weight without any interventions whatsoever?

In JOHN Chapter 3 God states all the righteous reasons why we need to pay closer and closer attention to His Will within our lives. We all have the proclivity to want more information, to be curious is God’s Will. However, when we become preoccupied with science and western medicine and pharmaceuticals that could take away our only connection with the wisdom God had placed within us, we become heretical. Our culture has been mass mesmerized to believe that science, weight loss industries and western medicine is the only way to heal, get healthy, and be at our healthy weight, that attainment of those goals with anything else is unsafe and heretical to the scientific community. Do we really want to pay homage to the very industries that have caused so much distress to our souls? Do we really need to focus on their beliefs, techniques, or theories that seem to change day after day. First don’t eat eggs, then do eat eggs, wait eat more fat and protein and no carbs, wait do eat more carbs, but no fat and small portions of protein. The fact of the matter is that for every product that needs to be sold out there, some weight loss, western medical, or pharmaceutical company is paying for a new “scientific study” that can prove their premise and sell more of what they can shove in the faces of our people.

Historically the Bible speaks to our ability to change. I personally had to ask my now husband that question before we got married. I said “I know I love you but if we get married I have to know that you are capable of change. Can you change if we need to?” This question of course didn’t register in the moment but now has a lot of validity as we have had to change course, pivot and move in another direction over and over again. The Bible is asking us if we are capable of the following:

  1. Recognizing we have a problem (whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual)

  2. Acknowledgment of the issue being a problem and what the truth of that problem is for us. For example: Your son gets angry when told he can’t be on his computer for 6 hours a day. The reality is he is addicted to the dopamine the gaming gives him and he has no way of speaking his truth because he hasn’t been able to identify it as a problem yet.

  3. Discernment of what is the appropriate way(s) that we can affect a change that produces a healthier, happier, and fulfilled outcome.

  4. Be Willing to take action on that more appropriate way to your happiest outcome.

  5. Rebirth your thoughts. Live as though this has been a newly learned experience that you allowed to affect a change in behavior, belief, and/or reaction to your original problem.

This is how God had truly expected and wished for us to respond to our current day circumstances and conundrums. This is the pathway towards enlightenment. These are the ways that align our souls with God’s Will and ultimate fulfillment while we are still alive. When God created us with these abilities deeply embedded within each and every soul we are then capable of being more objective about what it is that is a problem and then seeking His ways to solve them. When we think of it this way we have to also acknowledge that perhaps we don’t have the right way of carrying out this progression of mental/ emotional steps. That no one in our educational system, parents, or friends ever could teach us these things and that they could only come from our knowledge and wisdom of the Bible as only God can teach us. However, now with millions of people attempting to teach their version of what the Bible must mean we are very often exposed to current day dogma and not what God had originally intended. What I now know is that all the fitness, healing, and science of health and metabolism I knew wasn’t actually working. What I also knew was that there was something wrong with a society that was very well educated about the science of everything, western medical protocols and procedures but had no clue how to speak the language of their own souls to get the wisdom God had originally impressed upon them. This was the impetus for me to seek God’s and Jesus’ wisdom specifically to be able to address my clients needs and goals I had to go to the source of truth for my clients as only They would know and understand. This journey led me on a path that no one is talking about, no one has even thought about or thought might exist. Yet here I am asking you this question, do you know how to speak the language of your soul? Do you know what wisdom it holds for you? Can you begin to understand God’s Will for you in this lifetime? If not you might want to consider taking my course the Healing, Healthy, and Healthy Weight Success Course. This is a truly paradigm shifting progressive course that will bring more clarity to all that which you had hoped to better understand through the Bible scriptures. These are insightful messages brought to light by the practices within the course but also by God Himself and Jesus Himself as I offer additional spiritual healing support within the course work with periodic Healing Soul Readings. These are also essential to continual clarity in understanding what God’s Will had planned for you from your birth. If you are interested in joining me and a few past participants for an informational Zoom call send me a message through the form on my home page and I will email you the invitation. This call is this Friday May 31st at 5:30 PM EST.


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